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In Stock Products » Laminate

Laminate foam/underlayment is required anytime you will be installing laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is usually installed using a floating method where boards are “clicked” together instead of being directly attached to the sub-floor. The foam/underlayment is laid down over the sub-floor prior to installing the laminate flooring.

Depending on the product chosen, the pieces of laminate are installed by gluing the tongue and grooves of each, or by using the free-float method. The purpose of the foam/underlayment is to absorb any minor imperfections in the sub-floor and to minimize noise from foot traffic.

Spirit River Flooring offers several types of foam/underlayment. Be sure to ask us about it when selecting your laminate product.

There are three basic types of Laminate foam that we offer in our store:

1. Regular Foam – Regular foam is usually approximately 1/8″ thick with no moisture barrier attached.
Selling price $0.25 per SFT

2. 2in1 Foam with vapor barrier – Sometimes referred to as Combination foam as moisture barrier is attached to the Foam.
Selling price $0.50 SFT

3. 3in1 Foam silent step with vapor barrier – There are many different foams available in a variety of thickness and densities, usually a higher density foam, with a sound barrier attached.
Selling price $ 0.85 SFT

Fuzion FuzGuard – Arrow Rock – $4.99/sf – NOW ONLY $3.99/sf

Fuzion FuzGuard – El Atazar – $4.99/sf – NOW ONLY $3.99/sf

Fuzion FuzGuard – Kurobe – $4.99/sf – NOW ONLY $3.99/sf

Fuzion FuzGuard – Narva – $3.99/sf – NOW ONLY $2.99/sf

Fuzion Regalia – Lennox – $3.29/sf – NOW ONLY $2.29/sf

Taiga Adore 8mm – Fraser River – $1.99/sf

Taiga Adore 8mm – Greyhound – $1.99/sf